The love between two women sours. Jo (Geerteke van Lierop) and Rachel (Erica Anderson) each set off on a journey of self-reflection and contemplation as their process in dealing with the break up.

Jo, a photographer, heads to Wisconsin to revisit the scenes at which she took portrait shots of Rachel on a previous trip. Finding the same locations, Jo takes a series of self portraits trying to give the project and her life meaning and artistic merit.

Rachel stays in the Algarve where the two women lived. She visits her favourite, beautiful, hauntingly empty beach, again and again, searching for peace.

These two journeys happen in parallel, and form the spine of the forward progression of the film. Two separate but synchronous journeys, intertwined.

But there is a third story line. Their memory of the relationship: how they met, their first kiss, their love, their pain, the breakup. We see the collapse of the relationship in their mind. Each blaming the other (or each blaming themselves). We see fights, we see tender moments, we see their relationship through their memories that form a narrative, but disjointed and fragmented. Leading to a conclusion in which they might, or might not, get back together.

The film is an exploration of memory and perception based on a simple, relateable event – a break-up.


Stills from the film

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