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_kristjan knigge


_about me

I’m a filmmaker. That is what I do. That is what I love. As a freelance filmmaker I have produced corporate videos, commercials and digital content for various brands and companies. In narrative fiction I have directed three feature films, over 15 short films and I have a new feature script in development, as well as a unique VR short narrative movie and an action short.


I’m an all-round content creator. I can produce, I can shoot, I can write, I can edit and I can do the sound design. I’ll even take a good stab at designing the poster. My main focus and skills are in directing, with story structure and working with actors as my specialties.

_from here on it's just pictures of me

_like this one of me smiling

_here I am looking cool

_or this one of me pushing

_or looking up

_I also know how to clap the sticks

_sometimes I get lost on set

_but I can almost always find the best shot

_even on beach full of anchors

_wanna work with me?