Kristjan Knigge - filmmaker

Aspirin - Into The Wild
Resting Place [trailer]
Heineken - The Lounge
Rudolph's Bakery
Interview with a star photographer [spoof]
Wild [full film - 12m]
Charles Vögele - FashionDeal #1
Lenscrafter Superhero
The Right Juice [trailer]
Chef's Choice
Blue Sky Group
Luwte [full film - 6m40s]
Lenscrafters Tutorial
De Tweeling
Dat wist ik niet [full film 5m30s]
Marije Smits
Theo Bos
Marleen Veldhuis
Willesden Lane [full film - 4m20s]
Zelfportret [full film - 7m30s]
De Prins en zijn Ouders [full film - 7m30s]
FashionDeal 4
Second Honeymoon [trailer]
Waterland Vijfje
Slide Hide [full film - 7m20s]
Liefde Liever Niet [full film - 6m30s]
The Way [full film - 3m]
Lenscrafters Tutorial
In Loving Memory [full film - 4m20s]
Wakker Dier
Room 303 [6m20s]
Red Huntress [full film - 3m]
Nomen Nescio [full film - 3m]
That Thing
Move Ur Body
Heineken - Highlight

Kristjan was born in Denmark to an English mother and a Danish father. He grew up in the Algarve in southern Portugal, attending boarding school in the UK in his teens. He moved to the Netherlands in his early twenties. Working in the film industry in Amsterdam provided Kristjan with the opportunity to work in many departments within the film business. He has worked professionally all over the world: camera crew, art department. production manager, electrical unit, grip, special effects and 1st Assistant Director. In 2004 he took the plunge and decided to direct. To date he has made short films, commercials, corporates, music videos and a full length documentary, Doubting Thomas, which was distributed worldwide. In the Netherlands he works with Macgyver Amsterdam for commercials and is also available as a freelance director. In 2014 he completed his first feature film, The Right Juice. His second feature, Second Honeymoon, came out in 2015 and he is currently half way through production on his third, titled Exposure.