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_short films

Dramatic, comedic, personal or horror. Shorts for all.


Resting Place (original title: Stiltegebied) is a psychological horror short film I produced and directed. Acclaimed and awarded for it’s intense emotional impact and the use of a single shot to tell the whole story, it has played at various international film festivals, including Chicago Underground, Atlanta International, Bahamas International, Cardiff Independent, Socal CIFF and San Sebastian Horror & Fantasy Fest.


A wonderfully poetic script that became a beautiful artistic film


This is a very personal film for me, as it is based on the true story of my wife.

In Loving Memory

A comedy short I wrote and directed in Melbourne. Starring Emma Jackson and Alexis Porter


Winner Best Film and Best Actress at the Amsterdam 48 Hour film challenge. Starring Gaite Jansen and Geerteke van Lierop.

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