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Helping Heart

For Made.for.Digital and N=5 I directed a short documentary introducing the Helping Heart patch. The patch is designed to provide contactless payment options for homeless people. The film was an emotional and informative view into the lives of people living on the streets and showcased the solution the contactless payment patch offered them.

Aspirin – Into the Wild

For BBDO Europe I directed a commercial for the brand Aspirin Plus C. The concept for the commercial was a departure for Aspirin as the script used comedy for the message. Shot on 16mm film on location in Tanzania, the film won gold at the CPhI Pharma Advertising Awards.

Heineken – The Lounge

The Heineken Po-Up lounge was a new and fun concept whereby a Heineken Star Serve lounge was built using sea contain- ers, such that the whole thing could be transported all over the world and set up quickly. For the launch of the product, I was commissioned to create an adventurous intro to the lounge, charting it’s first journey from Kalle Krause in Germany to the launch party Amsterdam, and introducing all the fun, stylish and innovative features. The brief was commercial level produc- tion value at documentary budget levels

Nestle #oneshotselfie

For McCann Paris and McGyver I directed a series of viral social media films for Nestlé’s Body Positive campaign. #oneshotsel- fie commented on the posed selfie epidemic and #bodylanguage showed how using positive bodylanguage can increase confidence, strength and beauty.

Vögele – Fashion Deals

Vögele wanted to try something different, for them, so Crossmarks came up with a new take on the classic fashion ad. I directed a series commercials for them for their spring, summer and autumn collections.

Colgate – Max White One

Satirical character superstar photographer Rupert Prescott offers a unique insight into his artistic and creative genius. Interviewed by documentarian Kristjan Knigge on a break during the shooting of the immensely successful Colgate Max White One viral campaign.

Het Waterland Vijfje

For De Nederlandse Munt (the Dutch Royal Mint) I was commissioned to direct a commercial for their yearly special edition €5 commemorative coin. The theme was water and the script called for the camera to dive in and out of various types of water including a swimming pool, a canal and a puddle. After researching possibilities I discovered there wasn’t a rig in existence to achieve the camera moves I wanted, so together with Etcon I designed an underwater rig for the Si2K camera system, which worked a treat.


A teaser commercial for Lenscrafters Kids range of specs.

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